In this article, we shall explain the various components of the Grow Tent Kit and how each one works. We shall also explore how the kit contributes to the environment and how the kit is installed. If you are an avid gardener, Grow Tent Kits Canada is a good investment. These kits are versatile, compact, and can even be customized as per your requirements. For additional info about grow tent kits, find more here.

Components of a Grow Tent Kit

  • Grow tent or light sealed room

The grow tent is a rectangular “room” that works on an automated lighting schedule to aid flowering and seed production.

  • Grow lights, hangers, and timers

Grow lights are connected to timers to enable a consistent light cycle. Hangers are used to mount the lights to the appropriate height.

  • Extractor fan, clamps, and ducts

Extractor fans pull air into the tent to ensure good airflow. They are also essential for cooling the equipment. Ducts create an exhaust for the air that flows into the tent. The clamps connect the ducts to the other parts of the kit.

  • Carbon filter

It is an optional component, especially if you are growing and drying strong-smelling flowers.

  • Fans

Fans are optional, but it is better to have more than one fan to ensure proper air circulation. The extra air brings down the temperature inside the tent and simulates winds, thereby allowing the plant’s stem to move around and gain strength.

Grow tents are equipped with multiple ventilation holes, ducts, and mesh vents in their walls that can be manually opened and closed. They also come with a waterproof splash tray to handle spills during emergencies.

The lights in grow tents are of three types:

  • Ballast- Used to regulate the power intake and assure a consistent power delivery to the bulbs. They are fixed outside the tents as they generate warm and dry air.
  • Reflector- Used to redirect and maximize the amount of light sent towards the plants.
  • Bulb or Diode-Used as a light source.

It is important to consider the actual wattage and the light spectrum indicated on the information sheet in the lightbox. You will require a red spectrum if your plants are in the flowering phase and a blue spectrum for the vegetative phase.

How to grow plants in your grow tent

Although there are multiple ways to grow plants, we shall discuss how to do it with soil and hydroponics, which is the practice of growing plants in water. Hydroponics requires a bit of experience and understanding of the equipment and the plant. Therefore, if you are a first-timer, it’s wiser to start with the soil.

If you are using soil, you need to fertilize your plants. You can start with base nutrients, a controller, or a starter kit. As you gain more experience with your grow tent kit, you can experiment with a broader range of nutrients.